A Toronto employment lawyer provides many legal services.

Our team of employment lawyers is based in Toronto, and is there to help both employees and employers deal with workplace issues. We can provide them with representation, legal advice and advocacy regarding different problematic situations.

Wrongful Dismissals

According to Canada’s employment law, an employer has the right to dismiss an employee, as long as an advanced warning or a payment is provided. However, employees who are dismissed with just cause are not entitled to receive any notice or payment.

When an employee claims that the amount of notice or payment he received was not sufficient, or that the cause given for his dismissal was not truthful, employment lawyers are there to help. If you feel that you have been wrongfully dismissed, you should make sure to see an employment lawyer before saying anything or signing any document.

Workplace Harassment and Bullying

Personal harassment, sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination will create intolerable work conditions, and should be addressed as soon as possible. Whether you are being harassed by your employer or by another employee, consulting an employment lawyer is a great idea.

Your employment lawyer will guide you through your different options, and will help you protect your rights. If you are being accused of harassment or bullying, you also need help to protect your rights. An employment lawyer will assist you trough the workplace investigation and provide you with valuable legal advice.

Disability Insurance Claim Denial

When employees are unable to work following a sickness or an injury, they can often rely on a group disability insurance provided by their employer to receive some benefits. However, many insurance companies will deny disability claims for different reasons, or will sometimes terminate benefits early after approving the claim.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, do not give up on your justly deserved benefits. Contact our employment lawyers, and let us help you fight for your rights. We can represent you in court until you receive a fair compensation.

Employment Contracts

An employee’s employment contract, whether it is a fixed-term contract or an indefinite term contract, is an agreement between the employee and the employer on different clauses.

Your employment contract can define the amount of notice or payment you should receive in case of dismissal, can include a non-competition agreement or a non-solicitation agreement, and much more. If you are unsure about some of the clauses in your employment contract, you can ask an employment lawyer Toronto for some legal advice.

Legal Advice

These are only a few examples of the services our firm can provide you with. We can also help you handle termination of employment, constructive dismissal, bad faith discharge, unfair labour practice complaints, severance package reviews, and much more.

Our employment lawyers can also provide you with expert legal advice on a lot of workplace-related issues. If you have any question or concern, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or to schedule a consultation with one of our employment lawyers as soon as possible.