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Employment Lawyer Toronto Services

Employment Lawyer Toronto

» We can help you handle wrongful & constructive dismissal, termination of employment, employment contracts, workplace harassment …

Employment Lawyer Toronto Services


» Our employment lawyers can also provide you with expert legal advice on a lot of workplace-related issues.

Employment Lawyer Toronto Services

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» We are ready to help you, so don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with our experienced lawyers..

Our team of employment lawyers is based in Toronto, and is there to help both employees and employers deal with workplace issues. We can provide them with representation, legal advice and advocacy regarding different problematic situations.

Employment Lawyer Toronto

The relationships between employers and employees can meet different issues. Like any other relationships, they can lead to a breakdown when one side tries to take advantage of the other.
Employment law has been put into place to protect employees from any possible mistreatment and unfair situation. Employment lawyers can also provide expert legal counsel to both employers and employees.
If you are in need of a professional employment lawyer in or around Toronto, our firm is there to help. We are a team of legal experts who provide employment law representation, practical advice and advocacy for any type of workplace dispute. We can provide our clients with strategic resolutions to their workplace issues, but we can also represent them in different courts and tribunals, and fight for their best interests.
Our Employment Lawyer Toronto firm has a team of professional and experienced lawyers who specialize in all aspects of employment law. Our lawyers share the same work philosophy based on communication, team work and strategic thinking, and they are committed to collaborating closely with their clients to achieve the best results possible.
Our deep knowledge of employment law and our experience in working with both employers and employees guarantee that we will find proactive and efficient solutions to our clients’ workplace disputes.

Employment law practice The experienced lawyers of our firm can help you handle wrongful dismissals, constructive dismissal, termination of employment, employment contracts, disability insurance claim denials, workplace harassment and bullying, and much more.
Whether you are an employee who has been treated unfairly, or an employer in need of some legal advice to manage your business or to deal with a delicate situation, we are there to help. Our lawyers each have their own specialties in the different aspects of employment law. When you request a consultation with us, the right lawyer will handle your case, will discuss with you to get a clear understanding of your situation, will provide you with valuable legal advice, and will work closely with you to develop a proactive solution to your workplace issues.

Request a consultation If you have been harassed by your employer, if your job has been changed without due notice and without your agreement, or if you feel that you have been terminated without just cause, you should meet with an employment lawyer as soon as possible to make sure you receive all the legal help and advice you need.
If you are an employer who needs some help with tricky employment-related issues that you can’t handle on your own, if you are being sued by a former or current employee or if you need an expert to review different documents such as employment contracts and personnel policies, you should speak with an employment lawyer.

Our Employment Lawyers

We are ready to help you, so don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with us. When you first contact us, we will let you know which documents you should bring with you, and what you should do to prepare for your consultation..

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